Are the violin lessons held individually or in pairs?

Parents usually choose individual lessons, but it is possible for 2 students at the same level to share 1 lesson. The cost per student of such a lesson is also halved.

How often will my child have their lessons?

Usually we teach weekly lessons which last for 60 minutes each. If you wish to have more or/and shorter lessons, we can arrange for that as well. For example: 2 x 30 minutes per week.

What does the first lesson look like?

At the very first lesson, students can try different violin sizes and have a look at Colourstrings books. Parents can ask questions and find out about loaning or buying violins for their children.

Where are the lessons held?

We operate throughout the Tricity, and we can travel to the student’s home at no extra charge. We also teach in educational institutions that have agreed to cooperate with our school, and provide us with a classroom. Please ask for specific schools individually.

How can I loan a violin from Kolorowe Struny?

Loaning a violin along with a bow is possible and costs 50zł per month. This is an ideal short-term solution for Parents who don’t want to buy an instrument straight away because they are not sure whether their child will continue learning the violin for a long period of time.

Do I have to buy a violin before my first lesson?

No. The teacher will bring different sizes of violins for your child to fit and choose an appropriate one. They will also inform you about your options when it comes to buying the violin or loaning it from the school. As a long-term solution, buying a new or used violin is the best option. The cost of a new one varies between 500zł and 700zł, used ones can be cheaper. I will gladly send you some links to allegro or olx, and will advise on buying an instrument, I especially recommend the Stentor brand, or alternatively, Gewa.
I strongly discourage from buying a new violin which is cheaper than 500zł because their quality is usually so bad, that the instrument unglues and goes out of tune all the time, making it impossible for students to practice and for me to teach.

What are additional costs I have to be prepared for?

Each student needs to have their own music stand and the course book. The cost of a new Colourstrings Book A is 120zł. They are not available in Poland, so I have to order them from the UK, Germany or Finland. There is also a possibility to buy a used book from one of my other students, who have moved from book A to book B already. A music stand costs between 40zł and 100zł, depending on the quality.

How fast will my child outgrow their violin?

Parents often ask me how long a violin will last. It depends on the child, how fast they grow, and how well they take care of their instrument. It may vary between 5 months and a year and a half.
It’s really important to not buy a violin without first trying it on with me – that’s why we have the first lesson, where I bring violins in different sizes and I measure children choosing the correct size for each one of them.

What if my child is sick? Will the lesson be lost?

No. It is possible to make up for missed lessons by joining another student’s lesson. In this case, please contact the school to arrange a suitable date.

Where will the Eurhythmics and Orchestral classes take place?

The classes will take place at the school headquarters in Gdańsk.

Sounds good?