Our Offer

Violin Lessons – Individual and in Pairs

Join our violin class. We use the Colourstrings method, which won our hearts with its innovation, simplicity, reliability and musicality. We teach children from 4 years of age, in English or bilingual.

Cost per lesson:

  • 60-minute lesson – 110zł for private lessons, 120zł for lessons in schools and kindergartens
  • 30-minute lesson – 55zł for private lessons, 60zł for lessons in schools and kindergartens

Optional instrument hire: 50zł/month

We can travel within Tricity and surrounding areas.

School and Kindergarten Concerts

Kolorowe Struny school organizes music concerts for children and teenagers.

The program includes: introduction, performance of 3 violin duets, rhythm-and-movement games with singing, hands-on experience of playing the violin with all volunteering participants, conversation about musical genres with examples, musical goodbye.

Cost of the concert: 300zł

Duration: 45min

Maximum number of participants: 50

This offer concerns kindergartens and primary schools (grades 1-3 and 4-8).

The concert can be conducted entirely in Polish, English, or bilingually.

We can travel within Tricity and surrounding areas.

English Lessons

We offer English lessons individually or in pairs. We put emphasis on conversation, working language, and everyday, practical use.

Cost per 1-hour lesson:

  • 120zł – individually
  • 60zł – per student while in pairs

We can travel within Tricity and surrounding areas.


Violin Lessons for Adults

Weekly lessons, ideal for adults who have never played the violin before.

We provide instruments or advise on buying your own.

Cost per single 1.5-hour lesson:

  • 30zł – private lesson
  • 40zł – lessons in community centres

Optional instrument hire: 50zł/month

Classes are held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 20:00.


We organize eurhythmics classes for children in an innovative and unconventional way.

The musician participates in musical games with children in an active and engaged way.

Cost per single 60-minute lesson: 120zł

We can travel within Tricity and surrounding areas.

Holiday Workshops

Every year, at the end of August, we organize music and violin workshops.

The program includes: eurhythmics, singing, violin lessons (also for beginners), composing your own melodies, a mini orchestra and a concert at the end. Open to our own students as well as for children outside of the school.

Scottish-Irish Music Workshops

We organize two-hour workshops for students of public and private music schools, music centres and other violinist organizations.

During the workshops, we will learn a few tunes in the traditional Scottish-Irish way, i.e. by ear. Participants will also learn the basic ornaments and techniques of combining and accentuating notes. At the end, everyone will compose their own melody similar to the traditional ones.

Cost: 1000zł for 2 hours of workshops, plus travel cost.

Group size: 10-30 participants.

We travel within Poland.

Summer Camp Violin Course

If you organize summer camps and are looking for interesting ways of spending time, take part in our course for people who have never played the violin.

During the classes, each participant will learn how to properly hold the violin and bow, will get their first notes on empty strings, learn the basics of rhythm and compose their own melody.

Cost: 1500zł for a 3-hour course, plus travel cost.

Group size: 10-15 participants.

We provide instruments. We travel within Poland.


Sounds good?