Kolorowe Struny School

Thanks to the Colourstrings method, our school offers a holistic approach to teaching music. During the lessons we not only learn how to play the violin, but we also use musical games, we sing, clap and compose our first tunes. This way we develop childrens’ musical literacy, their listening skills, and we inspire them to learn creatively by having fun.

The Colourstrings Method

The Colourstrings method was created by a Hungarian violinist and teacher, prof. dr. Géza Szilvay (see his website). The method is based on a child-centered approach and focuses on the needs of an individual child. It develops the personality of a young musician by creating a proper nurturing environment.

The Colourstrings method uses four colours – one for each string – instead of the traditional notation.  This enables a child to, first of all, focus on holding the violin and the bow correctly. Then they discover rhythm and pitch and experience playing with others, which develops their sense of belonging and makes them feel appreciated.

With each course book the colour notation is progressively changed to the traditional black-and-white notation, which makes the transition easy and avoids common mistakes of conventional teaching methods.

The mehod encourages the use of nursery songs which many children already know, and the use of traditional Polish melodies as well. Children first sing and then play well known melodies. They compose their own tunes, which makes them proud and boosts their self-esteem.

I met Géza in 2017, when I heard about the Colourstings method for the first time. I immediately appreciated his passion for proper and musical teaching. Géza created his method 40 years ago, however he is still improving it according to feedback given by other teachers and their pupils.

Since then I’ve participated in three Colourstrings courses:

I am possibly the only techer in Poland with such an extensive knowledge and experience in the Coulorstrings method.

Sounds good?